Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-06-25

Things on my mind recently...

  • Farrah died Yes, I had the poster #

  • Michael Jackson's funeral will be next week. Paul bearers will be Mrs. Smith's second grade class. #

  • First Farrah Fawcett, then Michael Jackson. How many more famous white women are going to die today? (via Bob Owens) #

  • Jeff Golbloom falls to his death #

  • Okay, I fell for the Goldbloom hoax. He's no longer dead. My bad. #

  • Jeff Goldblum, still not dead. #

  • Miss GA Teen contestant just did a moonwalk in the middle of a tapdance routine #MissGA #

  • One of the MCs just called 80s music "rock n roll." Kids. #MissGA #

  • Some of these teens can flat out *sing* #MissGA #

  • Them interwebz will make you stupid #

  • So, which is worse? ABC turning over a block of programming to Obama, or 24/7 Michael Jackson on every channel? #tcot #

  • Looky at all the attention Michael Jackson's death is getting. Imagine if something important had happened. #tcot #

  • Difference between coverage of Michael Jackson death and OJ car chase? ESPN isn't covering the Michael Jackson story. Yet. #

  • Will Michael Jackson and the Elephant Man tour together now? #

  • The only channels not carrying Michael Jackson coverage are USA and TCM. Unless TCM decides to broadcast "The Wiz" #

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