Friday, November 26, 2010

The difference is ... you are getting screwed

Saw a news story recently about a man who hired a couple of whores who then took his money without, um, completing the deal:
After he placed payment on a stereo, one of the prostitutes showed him her chest, but the second did not perform oral sex, Haden said. The women took the money and left.
The police arrested him for "patronizing prostitution."

This is a lot like the people who voted for Obama that are now complaining.

I mean, many of us on the right told people that it was a bad idea to vote for Obama. But, being of age and everything, a lot of people went ahead and did something really stupid. The parallels are obvious.

Only, while police can arrest people for paying for hookers, we can't arrest people for voting for socialist idiots. And we shouldn't. I'm all for hitting Obama voters with a stick, but not for arresting them. As long as when you hit them with a stick, you do it hard enough to knock some sense into them. You don't want to waste a stick.

Anyway, I don't mind people who voted for Obama suffering the consequences of their actions. I just don't like having to suffer the consequences of their actions with them. I mean, I didn't pay money to a couple of hookers and get ripped off; why should I be out any money?

But, in politics, that's not how it works. If you throw away your vote like this guy threw away money at whores, you get screwed. Along with everybody else. But not in the good way.

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