Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA: Target-Shifting Administration

So, the TSA is on the offensive, defending their offensive actions.

Yeah, I know. That sentence doesn't sound right. But then, neither does what the TSA is doing.

They're under the impression that inconvenient means safe. It doesn't. It means inconvenient.

They're also under the impression that arrogant bastards mean protectors. It doesn't. It means arrogant bastards.

And, they're under the impression that creating long lines of people in public places is safe. It isn't. It's a target.

Think about it.

If a terrorist wants to cause fear around air travel, what to they have to do? Take out an airplane?

No. They have to take out a lot of people.

Take, say, a DC-10. They hold from 250-380 passengers.

Passengers wait in line at a security checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. Image source: MSN
Take, say, an airport. In September, 2010, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson had 7,261,721 passengers travel through its gates. That means in 10 minutes, on average 1,681 people go through the gates in 10 minutes. There are three checkpoints: North Terminal, South Terminal, and Main Checkpoint.

If all three are operating, and handling the same number of people, then, in 10 minutes, 560 people will go through a checkpoint.

Of course, some times it will be a lot less. Some times it will be a lot more. But, the point is, in 10 minutes time, on average, nearly twice as many people are waiting to get through a gate in Atlanta as will be on a DC-10.

So, where does the terrorist need to strike? On a plane?

No. They have the TSA making a lot of people stand together for minutes at a time. And that's where they will hit, when they next hit air traffic. On the ground. At the long line the TSA has for you.

And, when that happens, what will be next? The TSA moving the checkpoints to the entrance to the airport building itself? Wouldn't surprise me. Because all that does is shift the target.

You see, to me, that's the problem with how the TSA is handling things. Well, the whole handling of people's boobs and genitals and such, too. But all the TSA has succeeded in doing is making people miserable and shifting the terrorists' target from 30,000 feet in the air to 560 bodies standing in line.

Nine years and this is what they came up with?

And liberals want the government running things.

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