Sunday, November 7, 2010

The SEC chaos continues

While the rest of the college football world -- those that blindly follow the ESPN College Gameday crew -- are all worked up over those junior conferences trying to get into the BCS "championship game," those of us with working brains are only concerned about the SEC. Since the best team in the SEC -- whoever it is -- is the best college football team.

Now that we've clarified for the confused -- or made them mad so they left -- let's look at the confusion wrought by yesterday's games.

SEC East

Despite getting hammered by Arkansas, South Carolina is where they've been all season long: win and they're in ... as far as the SEC title game goes. Then, again, so is Florida.

Whoever wins the game this weekend wins the SEC East. It's that simple. Like we've been saying for weeks.

SEC West

The LSU win over Alabama seems to have simplified things. If Auburn wins one of its remaining two conference games (Georgia, Alabama), they win the West.

LSU can only win the West if Auburn loses both games, and if they win both of theirs (Mississippi, Arkansas).

Alabama can only win the West if they win out (Mississippi, Auburn), Auburn loses to Georgia, and LSU loses one of their remaining two games.

Auburn has the easiest track.


Honestly, does it matter? If Auburn wins out, they should be in the SEC Championship Game against USC/Florida ... and win. And, that'll put them in the BCS "championship game."

Oregon, who some people really think is all that (they aren't), is likely to be that other team ... if they win out.

Texas Christian would be Auburn's opponent if Oregon stumbles. And, if TCU also stumbles, then Boise State might sneak in.

Unless LSU somehow sneaks in by way of other teams being upset. However, it appears that LSU gets to join Auburn in serving up a huge cup of STFU to two pretenders.

As it stands now, it's likely that Auburn gets to spank Oregon in the BCS "championship game," while LSU goes to the Sugar Bowl, and gets to spank either TCU or Boise State.


  1. Yeah Basil, my Tigers are pretty well screwed. There's no way the "other Tigers" are gonna lose go GA & St. Nick...unless...

    What was that John McKay said??? Something about only being two or three plane crashes away from a winning season or something...

    I mean, Newton's gonna have to break both legs, and get shot in a night club for us to get to the National Championship.

  2. John McKay was awesome.

    Basil, the fact that Oregon is atop the rankings is simply silly. I rarely pay attention to the lesser conferences, but I took the time to check Oregon's record and SoS, this morning. There is no legitimate way they should be ranked above Auburn. They should not even be in the top ten. MADNESS!

    And thank you so much for helping out in our efforts to keep Kirkerstreet Kirkerherb out of the top slot on College Gameday.

  3. Andy: Yeah, it looks like the East Alabama Cow College is going to rule the world for a year. Those Auburn folks at work (remember, I'm 1/2 hour away from Auburn) are going to be a PITA until next season.

    Paul: Yes, I read your comparison earlier today. You know what your problem is, right? You used math, logic, facts, and common sense. And that has no place in the world of the media.

  4. Basil, I would make sandwiches evry day for a year for everyone of those Barn fans rather than have to listen to another idiot from the PAC-10 talk about their BCS Championship.

    By the way, since uSCCC had to give up theirs, leaving them with zero championships, how many does the PAC-10 have again?

  5. If you go all the way back to the Bowl Coalition (1991-94) and the Bowl Alliance (1995-97), and not just the BCS (1998-present), then the Slack-10 is only 8 shy of the SEC's total of 8.

  6. Yeah Basil, I know you're just across the line from Auburn. Sigh.

    But just be glad you're not 23 miles from stinkin' Texas. I swear, no matter how bad the Horns suck, those jackasses will just drop that, and start talking about how their high school football is better than everybody else.

    There's no winning with those people...


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