Monday, November 29, 2010

Sun of a ...

You hear about that woman that owns the sun? No, really. Angeles Duran owns the sun. And she's going to charge you money to use it. That's according to a report from The Daily Mail. Of course, that's in England, the country that, along with France, came up with the whole Divine Right Of Kings idea, so you never know what kind of gag they're liable to fall for. Anyway, this Spanish woman now owns the sun. Which means you now have somebody to sue when you get a sunburn. I wonder if I can sue for that bad sunburn I got back in Kuwait? Maybe I could sue her for trespassing if her sun shone through my windows one morning when I was trying to sleep in and it woke me up? Then, again, Al Gore might start blaming herfor Global WarmingTM. Or, maybe I could lay claim to some heavenly body. Halle Berry comes to mind. No, let's not get silly. Let's consider this and be serious (Sirius?) about it. What celestial object would you lay claim to? And why?


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