Friday, November 19, 2010

Wife on tehFacebook

It finally happened.

After telling her sister, mother, brother, daughters, friends ... everyone who'd listen and others who wouldn't ... Wife finally broke down and set up a Facebook account.

I understand her hesitancy. She's heard stories about all the privacy concerns ... as well as others joking or complaining about things others do on tehFacebook.

But, I'd occasionally mention things someone said on tehFacebook ... family members, mostly ... and she'd laugh or ask about it before she realized that she was supposed to take the Facebook-is-stupid attitude.

Of course, my saying how stupid tehFacebook is didn't help. But I have a Facebook account. And, yes, it's stupid. But, I still have an account.

We'd go out to eat lunch, she'd grab a table at the Subway while I'd order the food. And, when I got to the table, she'd have the iPad open to tehFacebook, reading things family had posted on their wall.

I knew the day would come. And, this week, it did.

Wife set up her own account on tehFacebook. And, of course, it didn't take me long to find out.

I helped her with the security settings, so that she had full control (as much as tehFacebook allows, anyway) on who could see what. Turned most of the settings to "Friends Only" and turned some off altogether.

Now, she's a lot more comfortable with it. She's not ready to jump in full with it, though. She's not asked very many people to be friends. And, she's not accepted many friend requests.

So, if you know her, and send her a friend request, don't be upset if she doesn't accept the request right off. It's not personal.

At least, I don't think it is. That's what I'm telling myself. Because she still hasn't accepted my friend request.


  1. Congratulations!
    I'm not on Facebook, not yet. I'm not looking for friends or friends of friends , and it looks addictive. But who knows?!

  2. Basil, my wife honestly did question my social networking ways for a long time.

    She didn't "get it," and found it to be a silly waste of time, unlike watching TV, or other really interesting things.

    Then, an old friend from high school talked her in to teh Fagbook. I wouldn't say she's "hooked" on it. And, she doesn't play the games, etc. But now she understands it, and truly enjoys it.


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