Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm always trying out new browsers and such. Seems I can't be satisfied with anything. That's my feminine side, I suppose.

When Netscape was the only browser worth a darn, I was trying out Internet Explorer 3.

When Internet Explorer was ruling the world, I was looking at Mozilla and Firefox. Oh, and Opera.

When I got a Mac, I rarely used Safari, opting for Firefox and Chrome.

Now, I'm trying out RockMelt. It's that new browser from some of the old Netscape crew. And, I'm not sure what I think about it. It's different.

RockMelt is based on Chromium, which is Google's browser-buildy-stuff.

It's very Facebook-y. But, it's Twitter-y, too. See?

Of course, being old, I think Facebook is lame. As is Twitter.

Of course, being geeky, I use Twitter. And Facebook. Some.

So, I'm trying out the RockMelt. And, I suspect, it'll be the greatest thing ever.

Until I go back to using something else. Like I always do.


  1. Keep us posted Basil, I was going to give it a test spin, but since you are already on it, I'll wait.

  2. Thanks for the RockMelt download David...

  3. Oooops! Butch just violated a big commenting rule. Now everybody knows who you are.

    Shame, shame, shame!

    I am one of those boring types that doesn't try out anything new. I went to Firefox about a zillion years ago, and got hooked. Then I switched to the "new" version of it, and it didn't look much like what I was used to, so I switched back to what I was familiar with.

    This Rock meltdown deal scares me, so I reckon I'll pass.

  4. Andy: I, too, got fed up with Firefox and its bloat. I rarely use it; mostly Chrome (or Safari) on the Mac, and Chrome on Windows.

    But, RockMelt is not much different than Chrome. Because it's built on the same stuff as Chrome. The whole Firefox stuff on the left and feed stuff on the right is okay. But, I don't care for the Search Box results layout. Chrome does it better. Although, just like Chrome, the address bar is also a search field.

    I guess I can sum it up as: so far, so good.


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