Tuesday, September 18, 2007

23 days later

The car door is fixedIt took over three weeks ... 23 days to be exact ... but the whole episode with someone backing into the car is now behind me.

Actually, the repair shop had the car ready yesterday ... and I picked it up yesterday. But, USAA wouldn't pay the repair shop ... even though I used a repair shop on their "preferred" list.

Just to recap, back on August 26, at the conclusion of a Catfish game, someone backed into the car. They crunched the rear passenger door. No other damage, or so it appeared. And the police report said he backed into me. And he said he backed into me.

It got complicated because it wasn't his vehicle he was driving. His insurance (Progressive) said I needed to contact the owner's insurance.

So, I called USAA, which was her insurance.

The person assigned to the case never called me back.

I called them, told them what I thought about it all ... and it wasn't nice ... and asked to speak to someone higher up the food chain.

He spoke to me and said he'd get it resolved.

And, he did. Pretty much.

He assigned another person to the incident. And the new guy did call me back.I took the car over to one of their "approved" or "preferred" body shop. The shop was great. They got on it, although it took longer than expected. But, that was because they wanted to work out an issue with the door seal. And they got it.

So, yesterday, I went to pick the car up. Only, right as I got there, they called me to let me know of an issue.

Seems that USAA ... contrary to what I had asked them to do and what the body shop was agreeable to ... wouldn't send them a check. They told the body shop that they had already sent me a check.

Only, I hadn't received a check.

So, I had to pony up $1,270.42 to pick up the car. Then took the little German car back to Enterprise.

Well, the check from USAA came in the mail today.

So, this whole unpleasant episode is now behind me.

I hope.

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