Sunday, September 2, 2007


Last Sunday night ... one week ago tonight ... somebody backed into my car.

Oh, I know who did he. He was leaving a note on the car with his name and phone number when I walked up.

What happened was, he went to the baseball game ... as did I ... and got to his vehicle before I got to mine. He went to back out, turned too sharply, and crunched my door. The rear passenger door.

Yeah, we called the police. And officer showed up and filled out a report.

Only, the thing is, there's an issue with the insurance.

Ain't it always that way?

Seems the driver of the vehicle isn't the owner of the vehicle.

So, when I called Monday, spoke with the insurance company (Progressive), they were all nice and helpful. Then they called me back. The car wasn't on their policy, and they found out the insurance company that was carrying the car.

So, on Tuesday, I called the insurance company of the vehicle's owner (USAA). They needed to verify the information, and would call me back.

That was Tuesday.

So, they'll be hearing from me.

Because this issue is pretty simple.

A guy backed into my car. And my car was legally parked within a parking space.

It's all so simple when people are involved.

It gets complicated when insurance companies get involved.

This may go on for a while.


  1. I've got lots of good things to say about Progressive. My truck was rear-ended three years ago and Progressive (the insurer of the guy who started the chain) worked real fast to fix the damage, plus, I ended up $1500 ahead!

  2. You'd think it was simple... but it's not.

    Last year I was in a single west bound lane. I was making a RIGHT turn into a parking lot (it had no curbs, if that matters). About 200 feet after the parking lot, the lane splits into two lanes.
    Behind me was some idiot TEENAGER. Who didn't see my turn signal, and was in a hurry to make it to the read light, that was about 300 in front of us. As I turned, he attempted to pass me... on the right side. Cutting into the parking lot. Sadly, by the time he hit me- I was only 2 feet away from actually being IN my parking space.

    Okay... no big issue. He hit me. He was ticketed. He plead guilty. His insurance will pay right?

    Insurance company said I was 20% at fault, because they THINK I may have been closer to the yellow line, than the white line when I started to make my turn, while he was still behind me, rather than 2 feet into the rear passengers side of my van.

    Long story, even more annoying. I had to claim it on my insurance, pay the deductible and am STILL waiting for the companies to finish suing each other (my company filed first, then his filed demanding mine pay 20% of HIS damages) so I can get my $500 back.


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