Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baggy pants

You've read or heard, I'm sure, about some cities looking to ban baggy pants that are so popular with many of the youth today.

Some are opposing the bans because they're "targeting young black men." Well, that's bogus. If for no other reason than because the "young black man" with baggy pants I just saw was actually a white boy. Whiter than me.

No, this whole baggy pants thing isn't about race. It's about youth.

Now, my son doesn't wear pants like that. He'll be 21 this year. On most days, he could use a haircut. And a shave. But I haven't seen him wearing the baggy pants.

Of course, I don't see him that much. So he might wear them when he knows he won't be around me.

Because I don't approve of the whole baggy pants thing.

But I'm opposed to banning them.

Now, if someone wears their pants low and their ass is showing, that's improper. And there are plenty of laws already on the books about showing your ass (literally) that we don't need another law. Just enforce the ones already on the books.

But while I personally don't like the whole baggy pants fad -- and that's what it is, a fad -- I don't think cities ought to be banning them.

You see, I think Bill Engvall was on to something a while back.

In his famous "Here's Your Sign" routine, he began it all by saying that it would be helpful if stupid people wore signs saying that they were stupid.

Well, that's what the baggy pants are. A sign of an immature kid.

If I run across someone like that, I know exactly what I'm dealing with.

It's their sign.


  1. They do identify themselves as fools.

  2. i hate the whole baggy pants thing, the way i see it, if i wanted to know what color underpants you have on, i'd ask.

  3. Thing is that this is the time in these kids lives when they start finding an identity. I guess we just pray that they snap out of it. Gives me heartburn.


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