Saturday, September 15, 2007

Set a spell...

The Wife and I ... and the oldest granddaughter ... are in Huntsville.

Yes, the Catfish season is over ... and it ended on a great note with the South Atlantic League championship ... but the Biscuits are still playing.

The Southern League championship series is underway, and the Montgomery Biscuits are in the finals against the Huntsville Stars (Brewers).

We're going to the game with c.a.Marks (Alabama Improper) and the Gent. And the family.

We went to a ballgame with them a couple of years back. We're looking forward to another great game ... and a great time with her and the family.

Anyhow, we got to Huntsville and found the stadium. Drove right past it ... twice ... while we were trying to follow the directions we printed out. Finally tossed the directions and went right to it.

Got our tickets and started looking for a hotel. This whole trip was last-minute ... sort of ... and we made no plans ahead of time. So, we went searching for a hotel.

It seems that Huntsville wants you to visit the ballpark and the stores in the area. But they don't want you to stay.

Finally found a hotel a ways away from the ballpark. Decided to stay at the Marriott by the Space Center. It's as close as anything else ... and we're building up points. So, we're at the Marriott.

Meeting c.a.Marks and the group for supper, then off to the ballpark.

I wish her team the best of luck. A second-place finish would be just wonderful for the Stars, dontcha think?

Go Biscuits.


  1. Did you and the family unit come thru B'ham? Must've been that whoosh I heard this afternoon! ;)

    Go Biscuits......until they're playin' the Barons, then it's Go Barons!

  2. Yeah, we zoomed right through there. :)


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