Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scary foreigners

In today's edition of the local newspaper, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, there was a letter from some fans supporting the Columbus Catfish.

Well, in the online edition, there was a comment left by someone ... anonymously of course ... who showed just how big of an ass some people are:
The Catfish are 95% players with names that end in 'EZ'

It is doubtful you'd see any of them around town, or be able to interact. They barely speak English, if any at all.

I tried to post a comment about it, but I went on too long, I suppose, because it wouldn't take it.

But, since I do have my own little blog, I can post my comment here.
> The Catfish are 95% players with names that end in 'EZ'

> It is doubtful you'd see any of them around town,
> or be able to interact.
> They barely speak English, if any at all.

Wow. Just wow.

People can think like this and still manage to breathe?

Let's check the roster, shall we?

Catchers: Nevin Ashley, Matt Spring, Craig Albernaz

Maybe you're talking about Albernaz (but it's 'az' not 'ez'). No, he's from Falls River, Mass.

Maybe you're talking about the infielders: Matt Fields, Seth Dhaenens, Brett Grandstrand, Joey Callender ... oh, here we go ... Cesar Suarez. The 3B from Maracaibo,Venezuela. Who came to this country legally. And played in the Yankees and Cleveland organizations previously.

Obviously, he's the guy, right?

Maybe it's the other infielder, Jairo De La Rosa, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, that you don't like. He is also here legally, with an actual job and everything.

Maybe it's the outfielders: Quinn Stewart, Ryan Royster, Desmond Jennings, John Matulia (I hope I don't have to tell you he's from Thomaston, GA), or ... oh, here's the guy ... Maiko Loyola, from Juan Baron, Dominican Republic, also here legally, with a job and everything.

Or is it the pitchers? Let's see.

Brian Baker, Hunter Davis, Matt Falk, Woods Fines, Neal Frontz, Jeremy Hall, Jeremy Hellickson, Will Kline, Ryan Morse, Wilton Noel, Ryan Owen, Ryan Reid, Heath Rollins, Wade Townsend ... hmmm, no scary 'ez' people there.

Now, just in case you missed my point, I'm not saying "Oh, they've only got 3 players (out of 28) who are scary foreigners." No, I'm throwing numbers at you, hoping to show that you don't know what the hell you're talking about. The part about you being a bigoted dumbass is understood and doesn't need to be pointed out.

You know, if that's the mentally of the people that might otherwise go to a Catfish game, I'm glad they are staying home, watching the Braves on TV.

That way, they can cheer for Havana natives Brayan Pena and Yunel Escobar. And Colombia native Edgar Renteria. And those Dominicans, Julio Franco and Rafael Soriano. And Venezuelans Martin Prado and Jose Ascanio. And the Panamanian Manny Acosta. And that Mexican guy, Oscar Villarreal.

Gosh, I hope I haven't ruined your enjoyment of the game.


  1. I bet if this person saw Mrs. Suarez there would not be any problem whatsoever! Can't wait to see the Fish win it all tonight!!!

  2. I wonder if that writer also thinks all basketball players are African-American.

    By the way, I'm stunned -- as I posted an entry on the Catfish winning the SAL pennant before you did!

    (But then again, I'm walking distance from Golden Park -- while you had to fight all that post-game traffic! :--> )

  3. Richard: Actually, I parked under the bridge. Even after someone backed into me a couple of weeks ago, I still think it's better to park there. So, it's not the traffic so much as it is the drive west. I don't remember if EAMS had lights on when I drove past it at 55 MPH.

    Oh, yes, you did beat me to the post. And you summed it up ... the game and the attendance ... much better than I did, too.


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