Monday, June 16, 2008

Catfish owner admits move to Bowling Green

In April, we reported that the Columbus Catfish had applied to move to Bowling Green, KY following this season. Earlier this month, the owner of the Catfish reported the same thing.

Everybody knew it was going to happen, and an official involved with the South Atlantic League confirmed to us in April that the application had been filed, but not acted upon.

WBKO in Bowling Green reported recently that Art Solomon, who heads a group that bought the Catfish this season, said he'd be bringing the Catfish to Kentucky for the 2009 season.
"I think people know the Columbus team won the South Atlantic League last year. We certainly hope to bring a winner here," says Solomon.

The team will play a 70-game home schedule at its new stadium that is expected to house 5,700 people.
So, what now for Columbus? Either independent baseball ... or no baseball.

The Atlantic Coast League is looking to start play in 2009, and wants to move into South Coast League cities, such as Aiken and Anderson, SC, Macon and Albany, GA ... and Columbus.

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  1. In The Blog of Columbus Sunday, I'll link to you -- and dare to suggest it may be time for Columbus to have a new ballpark. On the north side of town, where the fans are.


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