Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'll have 8 pounds of chocolate and a small Diet Coke

8lbs of chocolate and a small Diet CokeThe Wife and I went to Pensacola this weekend. More about that later.

But, on the way back, we stopped for gas at Greenville, Alabama.

And, at that exit, there's a Russell Stover outlet.

So, like a couple of kids in a candy store, we walked around, pointing, wanting this, wanting that. And, when it was all done, we didn't get that much.

They had a special on the Whitman Samplers. So, we got 8 12-ounce boxes.

And a pound of pecan clusters.

And various other small items.

Gifts, you see.

No, really. They were gifts.

Anyhow, we got up to the register, and I noticed they had a fountain Coke machine. So, I ordered a large Diet Coke.

They didn't have any large cups.

What did they have?

Small cups.

"Well, then," I said, "I'll have this 8 pounds of chocolate, and a small Diet Coke."

So, we got our stuff and left.

We drove back towards the house, me sipping on my Diet Coke.

And, we got back to the house with around 7 pounds of chocolate.

Oh, did I say the chocolates were gifts?

They were.


I had to counter that Diet Coke with something.

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  1. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")June 11, 2008 at 3:28 AM

    Surely you remember your math facts...Diet Coke has zero calories. Zero times anything will always be zero. So you can have anything you want with a Diet Coke and not fret :)


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