Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I failed to make the cut

Harvey regularly posts lolbama and lolterizt posts at IMAO. They iz teh funneh.

If you're not familiar, they are similar to the lolcat pictures, but focused on either Obama or terrorists (but I repeat myself).

Sometimes, I'll play along. But, my submissions don't always make the cut. Sometimes, it's because someone else submitted something similar. Sometimes it's because he got too many and, since I also blog semi-regular at IMAO, I'll get pulled. And, sometimes, my submissions just plain suck.

Anyway, Harvey's latest edition of lolbama is up. And my submission didn't make the cut. I'm not complaining; the submissions this week were excellent. As always.

But, when I get rejected, I'll sometimes post my rejected submission here. Because the standards here aren't nearly as high as over at IMAO.

Minister of Silly Policies
[reference links]

See? It's not quite up to speed with the others. But, considering I came up with it, it's not the worst thing I've ever done.


  1. Yours made me laugh, Basil.

  2. I wanted to do one about him practicing his goose-stepping, but I didn't have time this week.

  3. In your defense, it was a particularly tough week to get in. I left a lot of good stuff on the cutting room floor to get it down to 15.

  4. @Jimmy: Thanks.

    @Wacky Hermit: What?!?! There's always time to make fun of Obama.

    @Harvey: I hope it didn't seem that I was put out. I simply saw the opportunity to use a golf phrase as the title for a post about a golf picture. And I'll never pass up a chance for a bad pun.


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