Friday, July 9, 2010

Updated Jimmy Buffett songs

I have 178 Jimmy Buffett songs on my iPod. That's over 11 hours of music. Many of them were purchased from iTunes, but others came from CDs I purchased. No borrowed CDs. No downloads from "free" music sites. Straight up, honest purchases. Jimmy Buffet has made money on me.

Why? Because I like the music.

Which is why I was a little disappointed when Buffett made that dumbass statement blaming George Bush for the oil spill in the Gulf. But, that's how some people think. Or don't think, but parrot what other people say. Maybe that's why Buffett's followers are called Parrot Heads.

Anyway, on teh Twitters today, I wondered if some of his songs might be updated to reflect his new injection of politics into his shows...
Again, I was disappointed. But not surprised. Maybe if Jimmy Buffett remembered what it was like to have to plan who would get the peanut butter, he'd remember what real life is like. And it's not being an Obama Head.


  1. Good for him for doing a free concert but too bad he couldn't leave politics out of it! Warped thinking or too many margaritas?!

  2. Linda: Too much money. Now Buffet can totally afford the "one rule for me, another rule for them" mentality. Hypocrisy is a high maintenance biotch.
    Basil: You're wekkom ('scuse the curse word).


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