Thursday, July 15, 2010

Understanding the left

Anyone with any sense can see that Barack Obama is an incompetent idiot.

Of course, anyone with any sense would have known this before the election.

So, how did Obama get elected to begin with? And why do so many people, despite all the facts, still cling to him?

College football.

No, really. Think about it. Some people are fans of college football. Some go nuts about it. About their favorite team. And it's scarily similar to the way some people are about Barack Obama.

Here in the south, college football is king. Georgia fans love UGA and hate Georgia Tech. Tech fans love the Ramblin' Wreck and hate the Bulldogs. It's like that in every state. Alabama vs Auburn. Florida vs FSU. Mississippi vs Mississippi State. Southern California vs UCLA. It's like that all over, and at all levels of college football.

Then, you have interstate rivalries. Georgia and Florida fans hate each other. Ohio State and Michigan are that way, too. Texas vs Oklahoma.

Now, imagine for a minute if suddenly, say, my team, the University of Georgia, was shown to have committed every NCAA violation there is. And, the school lost accreditation. And the football team went 0-11.

Would I suddenly become a Georgia Tech fan? Or a Florida fan? Or an Auburn fan?

No, I'd still have that UGA tag on my car (or would have, if someone hadn't broken it when they backed into my car).

Now, take the same scenario, but make the schools on the other side of the country: Washington vs Washington State. What would a Washington fan do if his school committed every NCAA violation there is, lost accreditation, and the football team went 0-11? He'd be unhappy, but he'd be a Husky fan still.

Ohio State vs Michigan. Same thing. No matter what happened, no matter what the facts show, the Buckeye fan would still be a Buckeye fan. The Wolverine fan would still be a Wolverine fan.

And that's how Obama followers are.

Only, here's the thing: as a football fan, I'll joke about how college football isn't a matter of life and death; it's so much more important than that. I'll joke about how the top religious groups in Georgia are, in reverse order, Methodist, Baptist, and Bulldog.

The thing is, I know it's just a game. I know the Bulldog Nation means nothing next to the Family of God.

Obama followers? They're a lot like college football fans. Only, the presidency is a matter of life and death. Ask any soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine.

The presidency and the direction of this country isn't a game. Football is a game. Politics is serious business.

Obama followers have the loyalty down pat. But, it's misplaced. They're following a man, not a principle.

When it comes to college football, I'll get on some other UGA fans' nerves when I cheer for Georgia Tech against an ACC opponent. They'll pull their hair out when I cheer for Florida in a bowl game. But, as much as I am a fan of UGA, I'll cheer for the other teams in the state. And for the other teams in the conference.

I'm a football fan. I express it through UGA.

Politically, I'm a conservative. I express it through, well, blogging. And voting. And by political donations.

I didn't agree with everything Ronald Reagan did (primarily, pulling out of Lebanon was a bad idea). I didn't agree with everything George Bush did (primarily, the first bailout). But I'm not tied to an individual. I'm tied to a conservative philosophy of self-reliance and personal responsibility, backed with Christian beliefs.

Obama followers, and most on the left, blindly follow their leader, parroting what they're told, and ignoring the facts that contradict their version of reality, as explained to them.

They're like rabid college football fans. But it's not a game. And they don't understand that.

As long as we understand that about them, we'll be able to get by.

I just hope like hell that, come November, they think it's spring break and go on vacation overseas. And stay there.


  1. OK, I've had a question gnawing at my soul for decades and you may just be the one who can answer it for me:

    Did Georgia steal Green Bay's helmet logo or vice-versa?

  2. Anne Donaldson, wife of former UGA assistant John Donaldson, said she designed the G logo helmet. And, she says, that she based it on the Green Bay helmet design.

  3. You write an entertaining piece, and as a resident of Holy Land (Nebraska, where nothing transpires while a Nebrakska-Lincoln game is on) I see some truth.

    But, all seriousness aside, I think the question of how Obama got elected is a lot simpler to answer.

    He was elected because the coalition of aging hippies, limousine liberals and other guilty whites wanted to be a part "of this historic moment" when the first black President was elected.

    The Bush Derangement Syndrome rampant among conservatives, "Libertarians", other give-ups contributed by staying home on election day.

    As a person who has espoused the notion of equal justice, equal opportunity and such since the 1950's I find it tragic that the first black president is commited to the distruction of liberty because one of two things must happen, it seems to me:

    A. He (or more precisely, his controllers) will solidify the dictatorship before enough people do what needs to be done (no, not open rebellion and warfare, selection and election of freedom-loving people), or

    B. He and his controllers will be turned out and the harm going back into the 1900's will be corrected and healed, in which case it will almost certainly be a very long time before we "risk making that mistake again".

  4. Yeah, fighting in Lebanon would have been just great. so many of our vital interests are located there! Can't think of any at the moment...give me time...more...more...

    Reagan did not believe in comitting forces to situations we could not win.

    Grenada, yes. Lebanon, no. Afghanistan after nine years...HELL NO. Boy, we could use him now.


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