Thursday, July 29, 2010

Solving the printer problem

Last week, we survived a trip to North Carolina. While we were there, Wife took some pictures. Lots of pictures.

When we got back, she wanted to print some out as refrigerator magnets. She's done that before, and likes doing her own photos as magnets rather than buying souvenir magnets at a gift shop.

She picked up some magnet sheets and prepared to print out some magnets. That's when she noticed the words "ink jet" on the package.

That meant that we couldn't use the laser printer. So, time to break out the inkjet printer, right?

Well, we haven't used it in over two years. So, that meant buying new ink cartridges ... and that meant spending nearly 70 dollars.

And hooking it up to the network, which means pulling out the print server connector. Which I really didn't want to do.

Then, it hit me: I've seen printers less than 70 dollars. Including one from Lexmark that was on sale for $39.00 (it's a little more than that now, but still at a good price).

So, rather than spend nearly $70 on ink, I spent around $40 on a photo-quality wireless printer with ink.

I'm thinking that when the ink runs out, I'll trash the printer and buy a new one.

I can hardly wait for cars to get so cheap that when they run out of gas, I can do the same thing.

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