Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dark Humor

Having a TiVo is a good thing ... and a bad thing.

The good news: I can watch almost any show that we get on cable, regardless of when it airs.

The bad news: Some shows are only meant to be watched at the time they air.

For example, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I like that show. It's silly ... and has lots of guy humor. But it comes on late at night. Oh, I'm old enough to stay up that late, to be sure. But sometimes it's nice to get to bed at a decent hour. With TiVo, I can go to bed and catch any of the overnight shows that I used to watch when I found myself staying up too late.

And Aqua Teen Hunger Force is one of those shows that I watched while staying up late, and enjoyed watching again and again.

But, it's only to be watched late at night.

Watching Dr. Weird do his "Gentlemen ... Behold!" routine, or Master Shake being an idiot, or Carl being Carl ... well, if you know the show, you know what I'm talking about. ATHF is funny. At night.

At 6:00 AM, after it's light out, ATHF is just ... sort of lame. It's stupid. Not funny stupid. Stupid stupid.

Oh, at night, it's funny stupid. But maybe that's because the brain is partially shut down and in need of rest. Heck, when I'm tired, hitting my hand with a hammer is funny. Three Stooges funny, not funny funny.

And much of what is funny at night, when it's dark, is the same way. Funny at night, but stupid during the day, when it's light.

So, now I have a quandry. Should I stay up and watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Harvey Birdman, and the like? Or should I continue to TiVo them and develop a dislike for them?

Maybe I should save them up and watch them on Friday night.

Or maybe I just need to get a life.


  1. Do both -- TiVo ATHF and Birdman and watch them when you can. If you can't stay up to regular air time, just watch them after dark. That should be a good enough compromise.

  2. Foghorn Leghorn once dsaid there is something ew about a kid who doesn't play baseball.

    I would update that to being something ew about a person who does not like teh Three Stooges. My wife does. My daughter does. And of course my sons and I do.

    PS Women are trainable! My wife knew nothing about football when we met. Now she is the NFL expert at our house (I prefer college teams)

  3. My seven year old turned me onto ATHF. I know...I'm a bad Mommy. In my defense though, he learned about it from his "posse" at school and I don't let him watch it. The mooninites kick ass.

    Robot Chicken is hilarious.

  4. ATHF sounds like The Tick shows, both the cartoon and the live action one. That said, I've given up most TV for home improvements and get my escapist jollies from books on tape borrowed from the local libraries. They tend to have all the classic classics, as well as stuff by Louis L'Amour. A warning, avoid abridged Tom Clancy. It doesn't work - the writing, while dense, flows logically when unabridged. Logic skips beats when abridgement is done. L'Amour does well abridged because they do it as radio plays and such (and they revere him so that they are very careful), but Clancy skips a round a whole lot.


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