Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bad luck

One of the things about Las Vegas ... where we vacationed last week ... is that everyone knows that they are going to lose money if they gamble.

Okay, not everybody. There are the occasional winners. But, considering how few they are and how many people go to Vegas, odds are that if you gamble, you'll lose.

Bad luck seems to run rampant is Las Vegas. Comedians mention it in the shows, people talk about it on the buses or while in queue, and everyone knows it's a fact.

But, while we were there, we saw one fellow that seemed to be having a streak of bad luck ... and no casinos were involved.

While riding one of the buses to ... I don't know, somewhere ... there was this one fellow that sat down across from us. We were on a side-facing seat, facing the side exit. This fellow was on a front-facing seat, next to the side door across the aisle from us. And this other fellow was standing forward of the door, facing the back.

Number Two was just standing there, glancing at Number One. Number One was just sitting there, staring out the window. I'm merely observing. And so is the Wife.

The driver announces the stop, and it's ours. It's apparently Number One's and Number Two's stop, also. Number One stands up, takes a step forward, holding on to the pole at the door. I stand up, holding on to the pole opposite the door. The Wife stands, too.

Number Two suddenly looks all surprised, and calls out a name (I forget what he said). Number One looks up with surprise, answering hesitantly, with that look ... you know the look ... the "Do I know you?" look.

Number Two asks how "C.J." is.

Number One answers, "He ran away."

Number Two is sorry to hear that. "So, how's the wife?"

Number One responds, "We're having issues right now. She has a girlfriend, and ..." He trails off.

Number Two knows about this place that's for a good price. Number One accepts the information, writing it down. On the back of the resume he's carrying in his hand.

So, to summarize. Looking for a job, wife left him for another woman, someone (son?) ran away.

Suddenly, our luck didn't seem so bad.

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