Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Wife, the terror suspect

When the Wife and I got to Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon, we had no luggage.

And had no luggage until this morning, when the bell desk brought it up.

I had blamed Delta. And then Northwest. But it turned out neither was to blame.

It was the TSA.

You see, when the bags arrived, and I opened the first bag, the smaller of the two, I found a notice inside. A "Notice of Baggage Inspection."

But only in one bag.

It was the one that contained most of her stuff.

Bras. Panties. Shoes. Personal care items.

Oh, sure, I had a couple of things in there. But most of my stuff was in the other bag. The bag without the notice of inspection.

Her bag was the one searched. Or so it seems.

I'm not sure what about her made them decide to go into her underwear to search for stuff. But they did.

She was real happy to realize that some overpaid government worker got to run his ... or her ... hands all over her intimate articles.

If she gets her hands on whoever was rummaging through her underwear, I'm thinking they'd rather have encountered Mohammed Atta.

I hope she hits a big payoff at the slots today. If she's in a good mood, she'd probably only cripple the TSA worker for life.


  1. Basil,
    Just wanted to let you and your wife know that I feel your pain. A couple of years ago, my wife and I had to change our departure date at the last minute by one day to London from New Orleans because my wife had to undergo an emergency outpatient procedure.

    When we arrived at the airport, we were treated like we were going to not only blow up the plane, but the entire airport. We had to go through every single security check and pat-down imaginable.

    And when we (finally) arrived in London and unpacked our luggage, guess what?! That same little slip of paper that was in your wife's bag was in ours as well...And it seemed that everything was in order but our undies.

    I must say - my wife was none too thrilled about that!

  2. Orwell lives:



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