Monday, July 2, 2007

The Shoes Make The Man

The old saying is "the clothes make the man."

Well, if that's true, then shoes are a large part of that.

Like what I did today.

First, some background.

I usually wear black shoes to work. I have a pair of brown shoes that I'll wear on occasion. But, mostly, it's black.

Now, I don't have a lots of pairs of shoes. I'm a guy. I need one pair of black shoes.

But I have three.

One pair is the pair that I bought with my tux. I wear them with the tux, and that's pretty much the only time I slip those on.

So, then, I actually need two pairs of black shoes. The pair to wear with my tux, and the other pair to wear to work, church, etc.

Only, the store had a sale. So I bought two pair.

But, the thing is, I must have screwed up somewhere along the way, because one pair fit just great, and the other pair hurt like a son-of-a-gun.

Only, I didn't notice until after several weeks.

You see, I put a pair on and wore them. And when I needed to wear black shoes, I put the same pair on again.

Until I wore them out. Or almost wore them out.

So, when they were no longer fit to wear to work or church, I broke out the other pair I bought. That's when I discovered they were ill-fitting.

So, back to the store.

Only, they weren't running any sale or anything. So I bought a pair of black shoes. A pair. One pair. One shoe for each foot. Because that's all I needed.

Well, I've been wearing them ever since, when I wore black shoes. For about a month, I guess.

Now, if you've been following along, you know that the Wife and I went on vacation last week to the beach. And even I don't wear black dress shoes to the beach. Unless I'm attending a wedding on the beach. And I wasn't.

So, this morning, when I went to put on my black shoes for work, I grabbed a left shoe and a right show.

They felt funny.

I figured it was because it had been over a week since I had worn dress shoes (yes, I missed church Sunday morning).

So, I took off the thick socks I had on and put on thin socks.

It was better. But still didn't feel right.

At lunch, I figured out why.

The shoe on my right foot is from the new shoes I bought a month ago. The ones that fit.

The shoe on my left foot is from the shoes I bought a while back that never did fit properly. [picture]

My left foot hurts.

And now that you know just how big of a dumbass I am, my ego hurts, too.


  1. I still have a couple pair of dress shoes I bought in high school in 1987. I only wear them to church and such. Try flip flops, a lot more comfortable!

  2. I bet you were the only one who noticed! heh

    Several years ago, I had a pair of shorts that I usuallt wore while I was getting ready and changed when I left to go anywhere. They were very comfortable knit, green with pink flowers--which was why I didn't wear them out any more! I went to BAM one night and I noticed this guy sorta staring at me, so I was getting annoyed and happened to glance down and realized I still had on the green shorts with a lavendar top! Since the floor couldn't open up and swallow me, I left immediately! I'm sure I was several shades of red! So see, your shoes were not that bad!

  3. 1. black elephant skin boots
    2. black flip flops
    3. Steel toe scetchers for work that don't leave work so they don't bring in dirt.
    4. Steel toe white converse hightops these stay in the clean room at work so that they won't become unclean and contaminate the clean room.

  4. Didn't anyone comment about how they are 2 different shoes?

  5. Nobody noticed. Or seemed to. I don't know if it was because they were sparing my feelings ... or they just got away from me as quickly as they could.

  6. I am fond of buying the same type shoes in different colors. Since I usually get dressed in dim lighting, I have worn a navy shoe and a black shoe to work. Now I write NAVY on the bottom of my navy shoes that are exactly like the black ones.
    Get rid of your ill-fitting shoes, and then get a Sharpie and mark your shoes on the bottom. Then you'll be able to tell the older shoes from the newer ones when the newer ones are worn.
    And don't reply to me with a wiseass comment.

  7. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")July 4, 2007 at 11:24 AM

    Hey Big Sis,

    Now why do you think that basil would reply with such a comment...surely he would leave that to me! Why write the color on the bottom of your shoe...where do you walk?? On the top?? (HEE HEE). Or perhaps you might just look at your feet! Love ya! Ole Meany :)


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