Monday, July 16, 2007

But It's A Dry Heat

One of the things about this trip to Las Vegas that is not too pleasant ... other than an airline we didn't take losing our luggage ... more about that later ... is the heat.

I know Las Vegas is in the desert. Heck, everyone knows Las Vegas is in the desert. And the desert gets hot.

But, still, it is Las Vegas ... and all the activities of Las Vegas make up for that.

However, you just can't get away from the fact that ... well, doggone it ... it's hot.

For example, since we're in Las Vegas, that means we're going to succumb to the temptations of an addiction that we suffer. Actually, truth be told, I'm the one that has the addiction. The Wife will give in to temptation, but if I wasn't in her life, she'd not be giving in like this.

Yes, that well-known addiction that can be satisfied in Las Vegas: baseball.

We went to a Las Vegas 51s game. We had the chance to see 4 former Columbus Catfish (nee South Georgia Waves) players play tonight. 3B Andy LaRoche, SS Chin Lung Hu, RF Delwyn Young, and LHP Wesley Wright all made it into the game.

LaRoche hit 2 home runs, driving in 4 runs, as well as making a couple of fine plays at third. Hu had a couple of outstanding plays at short, also, as well as getting 3 hits and scoring 2 runs. Young had 2 hits and scored twice. Wright pitched the 9th inning, striking out two. It was not a save situation.

Yes, the 51s were hot tonight. Heck, they're the hottest team in the Pacific Coast League, having won 6 in a row. Delwyn Young is hot, too, being named PCL player of the week.

But the temperature was hot, as well. It was 106 at game time.

It did cool down, though. The game ended at 10:21 PM (PT), and 10 minutes later, according to the sign outside the stadium, it had cooled to 104.

But it's a dry heat.

You know what else is a dry heat? The inside of your oven.

I'm not too worried about the airlines losing our luggage. I don't think I'm going outside ever again.


  1. Okay, maybe I'm losing my mind, but I thought that Adam was still in the bigs. Is it a rehab or just the fact that he's a headcase?

    Ahhhh, even though it's hot, you are in Vegas and I am in Jackson, MS and Bean is in Manhattan, Kansas. Who is having more fun?

  2. Two Dogs:

    Adam LaRoche? Former Braves player and now with the Pirates? Yes, he's still in the bigs.

    Andy is his little brother.

    And, yes, I'll admit it. Despite it all, we are having fun.


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