Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My apologies to Delta and Northwest Airlines

I owe two airlines an apology.

I wish to apologize to Delta Airlines, who I first thought lost my luggage. I was extremely frustrated by the fact that our luggage ... containing all our toiletries and underwear, among other things ... didn't arrive. And I expressed my displeasure.

First, I didn't like the luggage going missing. Then, I didn't like the scant information about them finding the luggage and having it delivered.

But, I think I understand why they couldn't tell me more than they did.

I also wish to apologize to Northwest Airlines, who ended up with my luggage.

I was very unhappy that an airline that I didn't even fly on ended up holding my luggage.

But, I think I understand how they got involved.

You see, when the luggage finally arrived, and I opened the luggage, I found something. Something that just might explain it all.

More on that later.

For now, to Delta and Northwest: I'm sorry.

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  1. I once flew Birmingham, AL to Prague using Delta, with a brief leg using Lufthansa. As an aside, I have never had a good flight with Lufthansa, and I rerely see their aircraft in the Czech Republic anymore, which pleases me.
    Anyhow, they misdelivered my computer, which I needed to work, to a city in Switzerland, Berne I think, two countries away and across several ranges of the Alps. Lufthansa refused to redeliver my luggage, which I had handed to a Lufthansa attendant who refused to let em take it on board (back then compputer bags were massive, even for Macs), though it had a Berne - Prague Delta was eventually so embarrassed that it sent a driver with a van from Berne to Prague with my computer bag.
    Delta may not be KLM or Cathay Air, but I will always like it.


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