Friday, July 20, 2007

A chili dog and a Carrot Top show

Yesterday was our 10th anniversary. And we celebrated in style.

For our anniversary, I took the Wife to Las Vegas for a chili dog and a Carrot Top show.

No, really. Well, sort of.

For our vacation, which normally coincides with our anniversary, we went to Las Vegas. And, while in Las Vegas, we saw some shows. Not many, but a few.

But one we saw was Carrot Top at the Luxor.

Now, yes, I know, some people really think Carrot Top's humor is silly, sophomoric, and lame.


It's funny. At least, to me it is. And we got tickets to see Carrot Top. Back in March. That's when we got the tickets, I mean.

Anyway, we go to the Luxor in plenty of time to pick up the tickets that were waiting on us.

And, before the show, we stepped over to the Food Court at Luxor, and at at ... Nathan's Famous.

So, for our anniversary, we had hot dogs -- she had a chili dog -- and saw Carrot Top.

Okay, I'm a little better than that.

You see, we've been eating twice a day, what with the buffets and everything. And, after eating a big breakfast yesterday, we skipped lunch. Sort of.

We ate an early dinner. Steak and shrimp. And it was good, but not quite as big a meal as one could eat on the buffets.

So, when we go to the Luxor, as show time approached, we got a little bit hungry. So, we went to the food court, saw what they had, and decided to get a hot dog.

Then, we went over to the show and sat on the front row.

The show was fun. And funny.

What you'd expect from Carrot Top. Silly, sophomoric, and a little raunchy. Just a little. Oh, and the spraying water and soap suds on the audience. Like I said, what you'd expect from Carrot Top.

Like I said, my kind of humor. And, apparently, the Wife's too. She got a t-shirt that said "Carrot Top made me wet."


  1. I saw Carrot Top back in 1992 at The Lighthouse in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I almost had to get stomach surgery from laughing so hard. I guess you should add me to "The Easily Amused" column as well. Of course, he was a normal sized dude back then too.

  2. Well, I am glad something positive happened on your trip. The fact it was on your birthday and anniversary made it really special, heh? Happy DAYS!

  3. Happy Belated Anniversasry....


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