Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look who finally showed up

Our errant travelers have been found. And delivered.

A little after 6:00 AM, I went to the phone, saw the flashing red light, and pressed the button to recover our messages.

"You have no voice mail."

That was odd, I thought. Then what's with the flashing light? Then I noticed the voice was continuing.

"You have one text message."

Okay, that's odd, too, I thought. But the machine said I could retrieve my text message by pressing a button. So I pressed that button.

"We are connecting you."

And I was connected. And told the nice little lady that I understood I had a text message. She located it, and read it to me.

"Contact the bell desk."

That was the message in its entirety.

"Would you like me to connect you?"

I would.

A pleasant young man answered.

I spoke. "This, is..."

I didn't get to finish.

"Yes, sir. We have your bags here. Would you like us to bring them up?"

I would.

And, in just a matter of a few short minutes, came the knock on the door.

I asked him to leave them there because the Wife was still in bed, not yet awake.

He agreed.

I gave him his tip, and we both departed happy. He had the easiest luggage delivery ever. And I had my luggage.

And then I found the reason for the delay.

That's a story all in itself.

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