Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pod people

Normally, I'm the one to go for the little gadgets and such. Like the PDA. I bought a PDA a little while back. The Wife was not impressed. True, she uses it more than I do, but only to play Bubble Breaker or Sudoku or some such.

The TiVo was my idea, too. It records her two soaps every day. And a bunch of John Wayne westerns for her, too. But she again thought it was a bad idea. Even though she wanted to make sure that when the year-long contract was up, we kept the service. And we have.

A laptop computer was my idea. She was a little bit warmer to that idea than most, but still, there was some hesitancy about it.

Well, I think things have changed.

Guess who has an iPod?

No, not me.

The Wife does.

True, it's the little iPod Shuffle. The real small, brushed aluminum one that can clip on to a sleeve ... or, ahem, a strap ... and be out of sight.

Yes, she has a pretty pink iPod Shuffle. And so far, she's only put 214 songs on it. No, that's not a made-up number. That's the number of songs on her playlist that she Autofills from. iPod people will know what I'm talking about.

I'm starting to feel a little like Kevin McCarthy.

Because I want one now.


  1. Its on my list of "wants" also, but they don't have it in red yet ....

  2. You've got me beat. I thought I was pretty cool when I broke down and got a cell phone and a digital camera...
    Neither of which do I know how to use properly.

  3. I've had an iPod mini for two years now, I'm itching to get a video model. No, not the iPhone. 8)

  4. I wouldn't be without mine! I download podcasts of radio broadcasts!

  5. [...] may be brought into new versions of technology kicing and screaming, rather like Mrs. Basil, but I always considered myself fairly internet savvy. I am very good ast sussing out data using [...]

  6. I've got a Sandisk mp3 player. It's not trendy, but it runs on a AAA battery, and I'd rather replace than re-charge.

  7. Harvey:
    We looked at one of those, and almost went that route. Like you, trendy doesn't mean a whole lot. Functionality is what matters. The Wife likes the functionality of her iPod Shuffle, but I'll give the Sandisk another look when it comes time for me to get mine.

    Thanks for the info.

  8. The Random Mother bought me an iPod for Christmas last year. I love it. As it happens, I got one only because she was buying one for Yak the Younger and didn't want anyone to feel left out - so The Random Spouse and I got one as well. We don't have the shuffles - we have the 4 gig standard iPods, but boy, is it nice to have the tunes for rock climbing or writing away from the in-home sound system. Even makes the local coffee house an acceptable work environment, because I don't have to listen for what-passes-for-music by their standards.

    And yeah, that probably means I'm getting old, but at least the iPod lets me fake that I'm "with it."


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