Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just how many times can the same luggage be lost on one trip?

Our flight back from Las Vegas was uneventful.

Except for getting flagged by the TSA in Phoenix.

And the delay of the second leg of the trip back.

And the delay on the third leg of the trip.

Oh, and our luggage being lost. Again.

Our luggage was lost on the way out to Las Vegas. The details were here. Of course, that story got all complicated, before the luggage was finally delivered, and then the reason for the delay discovered.

Well, when we got to our final destination -- Montgomery -- we went to pick up our luggage. And it wasn't there.

Yes, the same luggage that went missing for two days on the flight out to Las Vegas, has gone missing on the trip back.

It's early, yet, I suppose, but 9 hours after landing, they don't know anything yet:
We're sorry; we have no updates on this bag and are still trying to locate it. Please check back again.

And, yes, I'll be checking back. Unfortunately, I have the feeling that I'll be checkig back often.


  1. Dude, wish I'd known you were in Vegas. I would've bought you a drink.

  2. Maybe your bags are singing, "Hey baby, let's go to Vegas."

    Perhaps you can use this as an excuse to prevent you wife from ever buying volatile chemicals, a/k/a perfumes, and just about all health and beauty aids except the most basic, again.

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  4. I can vouch for Delta, though. Of the 1000 trips where I have flown out of Jacktown on Delta, 100% of the time I have collected my bags at my destination. Of the 1000 times that I have flown back into Jacktown on Delta, 100% of the time, my bags went somewhere else. And they always deliver those very same bags to my home at 3:00am. They are consistently consistent with me.

    Now, I only fly Continental, go figger.

  5. Sorry about your bags. I'm going on vacation next week. We've got a layover in Dallas on the way to Washington. I've had good luck though, flying American.

    Hope you get 'em back. Have a good week!


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