Friday, May 8, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-08

Things on my mind recently...

  • TGIF. One more day of work. Then a busy, busy weekend. Then another week of work. And the cycle continues. #

  • Obama skip National Day of Prayer service Everyone knows that while Obama is in office, the US doesn't have a prayer. #

  • I love dealing with insurance companies. Next, I'm going to drive red hot metal spikes into my eyes. #

  • Snorting Cool Orange Goody's headache powders makes others feel better. Well, it makes them laugh. At me. #

  • Sitting in a Cracker Barrel, playing on the Twitter and watching Wife read a horny vampire book. Life is good. #

  • Is it true that the surprise ending is that Spock is a Cylon? #annoyatrekkie #

  • Is it okay to be on my Blackberry during a showing of Star Trek? #

  • Does Kumar play Spock's brother? #annoyatrekkie #

  • Did the White House ever say why the photos were classified in the first place? #tcot #

  • How would they (characters, not actors) have voted? McCain: Kirk, Sisko, Archer. Obama: Janeway. French/no vote: Picard. Your thoughts? #

  • Anyone else notice how young Shatner looked? #

  • Should I tell the local Star Trek group (USS DaVinci NCC-74671) "May the Force be with you?" #

  • The volume for the previews is too low. #startrek #

  • 25 minutes and still no Star Trek. Just previews. #

  • Okay, the new Trek movie was ... okay. #

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