Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-18

Things on my mind recently...

  • Back when Biden had his brain surgery, just how much did they take out? #

  • Leave Nancy Pelosi alone. She accurately reflects her home voters, as well as the true nature of the Democrat party. #

  • During the next elevated threat level, perhaps Biden should be housed at the Knights Inn, Jessup MD. #

  • President Garfield's statue beheaded Statue of Osama bin Laden claims credit #

  • There is little that tastes better or hurts worse than a quickly-consumed Chic-fil-a shake. #

  • Getting estimates on car repair. #

  • 16 NYC schools closed over swine flu Students expected to learn just as much. Or little. #

  • Biden aide says underground bunker is upstairs guest room Biden doesn't know ass or bedroom from hole in the ground #

  • When was the last time the top bad guys on "24" were not old, male Republicans ( #

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  1. Man... Pelosi, Biden.. what more could Republicans ask for. Even the media asked Pelosi a question at her presser last week.

    Conservatives havve a lot to be hopeful for. Inflation in 2010 should at least give the GOP a chance to make its case. When one is standing in the unemployment line, they have plenty of time to listen.

    For a list of other things that conservatives should be hopeful for, you an hit:

  2. I agree. With the "24" thing. If Jack's kill ratio does not improve, instead of standing around blinking and quaking, I may grow bored.

    And if he converts to Islamitude after praying with the imam, I am DONE.

    Oh, and the "statues" thought was great. I was made to smile.

  3. Maybe they haven't showed the real bunker to Joe Biden. They probably figgered he couldn't keep quiet about it, so if we get a real emergency, they may chloroform and blindfold him so he won't give away the real location.


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