Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-19

Things on my mind recently...

  • If Nancy Pelosi colored her hair to match her outfit, à la Mrs. Slocombe, it would confuse Republicans and delight her constituents #

  • Man says Chicago cops beat him for 30 minutes http://bit.ly/4t2NU And he's alive? Chicago cops are weak! #

  • I'm going to miss the Tamil Tigers. They had the coolest name of any terror organization. #

  • Jerry Springer leave Chicago http://bit.ly/INBG6 The fact he left voluntarily says a lot about Chicago #

  • Rapper Dolla shot, killed at L.A. mall http://bit.ly/FClmn Tiffany sought for questioning #

  • Michael Vick to finish prison sentence at home http://bit.ly/mPLA2 If I go to prison, can I serve my time at Michael Vick's home? #

  • Wife's reaction to "24" finale: "Is that it?" #

  • Torture vs saving lives: was Asimov correct when he said "Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right"? #

  • People who use their turn signals after beginning the lane change should be pulled from their vehicles and beaten. #

  • Is Nancy Pelosi a liability, or does she have lie ability? #tcot #

  • Parents complain that Texas school allowed Gideons to offer Bibles http://bit.ly/JHVf4 If only they cared as much drugs in school #tcot #

  • Where else but San Francisco would propose a butt tax http://bit.ly/I01tu #

  • Applying science to religion makes as much sense as applying religion to science. Galileo could explain it better than I. #

  • This just in: Patrick Swayze still alive. And Francisco Franco still dead. #

  • Every time I make a Web page idiot proof, a bigger idiot comes along. #

  • I would have enjoyed the "24" finale more if Agent Walker had beaten the guy to death with Garofalo's head #tcot #

  • Oil change will go into its third day. And this is before the government takes over GM. #

  • Wife needs to learn to not grab my ass when I'm trying to hold in a fart. Especially in the Cracker Barrel. #

  • If Bush could be blamed for a hurricane, can we blame Obama for the earthquakes? #tcot #

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