Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-12

Things on my mind recently...

  • Shirley Jones to pose nude? http://bit.ly/bd0Z6 Trying to remember: who is oldest person I've seen naked ... and liked it? #

  • Top 4 stories on CNN mobile site are 3 about deaths by US soldiers ... and 1 about a Nazi. #

  • David Ogden Stiers says he is gay http://bit.ly/iZ6rx Also, water is wet. #

  • David Shuster says Prejean decision means "lying is okay" and that makes him want to vomit http://bit.ly/zYLwl What about Clinton's lies? #

  • FDA says Cheerios is a drug http://bit.ly/RYNlo Kids, take your drugs every morning, as part of a balanced breakfast #

  • Dems plan tax on soft drinks http://bit.ly/cOFPh Obama did coke, wants to tax my Coke. And Sprite. #

  • Trolly driver used to be woman http://bit.ly/ncgjz Wanted a dick, now is one #

  • POTUS doesn't know how to allow gays in military http://bit.ly/17BeBr Simply issuing an order doesn't involve enough beaurocracy #

  • Chicago family says "buy Black" http://bit.ly/3wbod If a Georgia family said "buy White" they'd be called racist. Why is that? #

  • Guess what? Tomorrow I get to wake up and ... go to work!!! With meetings and everything! #

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  1. re: POTUS doesn’t know how to allow gays in military

    The linked article is headlined "Law only answer for gays in military".

    Exactly what is the question homosexuals in the military are asking?


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