Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-26

Things on my mind recently...

  • Why have liberals for years complained about how overcrowded our prisons are, but now say we've got room for the Gitmo terrorists? #tcot #

  • North Korea detonates nuke, launches more rockets http://bit.ly/oN0f9 Maybe this will earn Jimmy Carter another Nobel Prize #tcot #

  • Actions have consequences #3wordslibshate #

  • If every incumbent lost the next election, this country might just make it. #tcot #

  • Liberal picks liberal to replace liberal http://bit.ly/Cae1e Also in the news, water is wet. #tcot #

  • Parts of Nearby Galaxy Mysteriously Missing http://bit.ly/ZcJf5 Obama asks for $800-billion to bail out Messier 87 #

  • Kutcher threatens to stop Twittering http://bit.ly/11q3Gx Proof there is a God #

  • Based on merit #3wordslibshate #

  • Bush was right #3wordslibshate #

  • Never watched Fringe or Bones until recently. I downloaded them to TiVo and watch them at suppertime. It's my new weight-loss program. #

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