Friday, May 22, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-22

Things on my mind recently...

  • If a terrorist escapes from a US prison, he's in the US. If he escapes from Gitmo, he's in Cuba. Any questions? #tcot #

  • Pelosi: 'I Stand By' Accusation Proof she can stand and lie at the same time #tcot #

  • Obama: "values ... keep us safe." And all this time I thought they hated us because of our values. #tcot #

  • Eating a Moon Pie, wishing I had an RC Cola. #

  • Does anyone else think that when they do the Michael Vick Story that Chris Rock will play the part? #

  • Wife all grumpy. Grandson and I are heading to Atlanta. Braves game! #

  • Turned away at the gate because of my Leatherman. Grrrr! #

  • Leatherman safely secured. Inside The Ted. Now a rain delay. To the Chop House! #

  • Rain has (almost) stopped. Braves just took the field 10 feet away. Grandson is ready for some baseball. Me too. #

  • Recently snapped picture #

  • Game over. Braves win. Fireworks after game. Now at the room. I don't know how to watch cable TV. At home, I have TiVo to watch it for me. #

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