Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-28

Things on my mind recently...

  • Genetically modified monkeys suffering human illness are possible. I don't know what it means, but it's racist. #tcot #

  • Texan told that her US flag in her cubicle was "offensive" Handbasket nearly done, tickets to Hell purchased #tcot #

  • Fox asks "Is the Obama administration closing Chrysler dealerships that did not support his party?" I asked on May 14: #

  • If you ignore facts, logic, and common sense, then Obama is doing a wonderful job. If you disagree, you're a racist. #tcot #

  • Guy at work spilled 2 cups of coffee all over his cube & chair. Who's out today? They're getting chair-swapped. #

  • Maybe Bill O'Reilly just reads what's on his teleprompter without understanding it. Why should the left have a monopoly on that? #tcot #

  • Difference between left & right: Libs laugh *with* Gibbs ( while conservatives laugh *at* Obama #tcot #

  • Celebrity Death Match I'd like to see: Barack Obama vs Elizabeth II. She drove trucks in WW2. He smoked crack in Chicago. QE2 wins. #tcot #

  • The whole Obama administration seems like characters out of the WWE. Instead of the Horsemen, they have the Horses Asses. #tcot #

  • Senate looking at mystery credit card charges Will they look at Obama's credit card campaign contributions? #tcot #

  • Roast beef and gravy. And banana pudding for dessert. Life is good. #

  • Headline from Time magazine: Hard Times Hit The Sex Trade I find that's when it's most effective. #

  • Ah. Long meetings. Proof there is a God, and He's pissed. #

  • Did Obama spend this recklessly when he ran his own business? Oh, yeah. Never mind. #tcot #

  • Few people know that I was born a Latina, but became a Southern White male to succeed in your racist cracker world. #tcot #

  • Rev. Brenda Lee ( carried away bodily from POTUS press area I'm waiting on the YouTube #tcot #

  • Mass extinction 260 MYA started in China And that's why I don't trust the ChiComs #

  • CNN: Sotomayor pick was to influence Justice Kennedy Seems Anthony Kennedy has a thing for frumpy Latinas #tcot #

  • Watching Wife watch True Blood. I love Netflix. Except today. #

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