Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-06

Things on my mind recently...

  • Got the grandchildren's first computers fully set up, updated, charged, and ready to go. Plan is to give them to them tonight. #

  • Why is the US worried about killing civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan? Remember, civilians started this war when they attacked us. #tcot #

  • When were Carrie Prejean's scandal photos taken? Prior to her signing the pageant contract? Prior to turning 18? Just wondering... #

  • Somali pirates seize German ship Something tells me they should screw around with Germans and the GSG9 #

  • I don't Obama is a Cubs or White Sox fan, because he appointed all those (tax) Dodgers to his cabinet. #tcot #

  • If the kid's telling the truth, this shows why you should keep your Internet Security suite up to date #

  • The GOP should drop the elephant and replace it with a eunuch; much of the leadership is a bunch of dicks with no balls. #tcot #

  • Microsoft lays off thousands Did that include the guy that came up with Vista? #

  • I'm confused. Is Oprah giving fried chicken coupons racist? Or is KFC refusing to accept them racist? #tcot #

  • The grandchildren just left with their new (and first) computers. Dell netbooks. Wife and I are now apparently the greatest peoples ever. #

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  1. No no no -- KFC's coupons were for grilled chicken dinners.

    Or did I miss a joke there?

    Oh well -- I stopped by to see if you had any thoughts on the Woodbats. Perhaps Friday?!

  2. No, I screwed the thing up.

    Oh, about the Woodbats? Yes, I'm happy to see baseball return. But I suspect they won't be here long. People won't go to the games.


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