Friday, March 16, 2007

Banned in Red China

Great Firewall of ChinaThis little blog has been banned in Red China.

Probably because I call them Red China. So you know I'm not talking about Free China.

Most folks ... and our government ... refer to Free China as Taiwan.

Anyway, the Peking ... okay, Beijing ... government has seen fit to ban this little blog.

How'd I find out? Well, Ogre wrote about a site that lets you check to see if the Red Chinese government lets the site through. I went to that site and, son of a gun, this little blog is banned.

After all the bad stuff that's happened this week, it's nice to get some good news for a change.

This little blog scares commies! Heh.


  1. Wow I'm blocked must be all of the "il Kim" stuff I've done. Oh well screw em if they can't take a joke. :P

  2. Banned in China Weekend Open Trackbacks...

    You can see many things in China, including the Great Wall. One thing you can't see is Adam's Blog, because we're banned by China's great firewall. (Hat Tip: Basil).

    To be fair, you also can't read Julie Fanselow. Check it out and find out if ...

  3. [...] read that Basil had been banned by the Commisars. (Basil found out via Ogre.) Naturally, I wondered, are we banned [...]

  4. I checked mine. I'm OK. Congratulations Basil! Wear it as a Badge of Honor!

  5. Hey I want one of those "Banned in Red China" banners. We could start a movement. How do I go about getting one?

  6. Basil Banned in Red China...

    I don't know what Basil did to get Banned by the People's Republic of China, but I'm proud that he did! He's already got it plastered over his page as a Badge of Honor, and deservedly so....

  7. If it is saying "cannot open URL," any idea what that means?

  8. Banned In Red Commie China...

    I started writing this back on Monday the 12th of March, when I say this post over at Ogre's, regarding sites being banned in China. According to Ogre, I was banned. But, every time I tried to check, I got "cannot open URL." So, I ki...


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