Thursday, March 8, 2007

Headline News 2007-03-08

From ABC News:
Man Burns Genitals Attempting 'Jackass' Stunt
Friends once thought he was nuts, but no more

From ABC News:
Bidding on Britney's Bangs: What Would You Pay?
Cost to bang Britney at all-time low

From ABC News:
Comics Hero Captain America Killed
Democrats target America next

From ABC News:
Planned Parenthood Sued Over Failed Abortion
Organization to change name to Unplanned Parenthood

From ABC News:
U.S. Mint Goof: New Dollar Coins Missing 'God'
Part of new plan to have money be more like country

From ABC News:
Astronaut Lisa Nowak Fired From NASA
From a cannon. Into the sun.

From ABC News:
India Farmer Has Cow That Eats Chickens
Cartoon Network cancellations explained

From ABC News:
Idahoans Call Capitol, and Jesus Answers
Son of Man was just visiting

From ABC News:
Woman Allegedly Lived With Dead Roommate
Claims it was okay since roommate wasn't living with her

From ABC News:
Woman Awakens After 6 Years, Slips Back
Hit snooze button without thinking

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