Friday, March 23, 2007

Headline News 2007-03-23

From ABC News:
White House's Tony Snow to Undergo Surgery
To have foot removed from mouth

From ABC News:
NASCAR Kin's Gender Bending Car Chase
Rumors about Jeff Gordon confirmed

From ABC News:
N.J. Baker Gets Jumbo-Sized Bread Order
Elephant sandwich added to menu

From ABC News:
Trio Suspected of Staging Panty Raid
Still missing step two

From ABC News:
Man Arrested in Minn. Dog Beheading
Al Qaeda takes on ASPCA

From ABC News:
Birth Control Prices Up at Colleges
Cost of abstinence still being calculated

From ABC News:
Birkhead Looks to Cash in on Anna Trademark
Owed something for planning Daniel and Anna Nicole's murders

From ABC News:
Viacom Sues Google & YouTube for $1 Billion
Suing for fair market value of videos, times one billion

From ABC News:
Study: Alcohol, Tobacco Worse Than Drugs
Also: Drawing, quartering worse than beheading

From ABC News:
Tiny Rare Owl Spotted in Peru Reserve
Striped elsewhere

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  1. Friday...

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