Monday, March 5, 2007

Headline News 2007-03-05

From CNN:
Mom: Giggling bandits 'girls that made bad choice'
Explains: 'Should have worn bigger glasses'

From CNN:
NAACP president resigns after 19 months
Easing tensions with White House seen as downfall

From CNN:
Alabama Gulf Coast ready for spring-breakers
Step Two of plan: Convince spring-breakers to go to Alabama

From CNN:
Geico cavemen could star in TV series
Phil Hartman's estate hasn't sued

From CNN:
Ethiopia kidnapping: Vehicles found
Spokesman Mr. Taggert: 'Darn, that was lucky. Doggone near lost a $400 hand cart'

From CNN:
Coulter under fire for anti-gay slur
Compared homosexuals to John Edwards, gays demand apology

From WGAL:
Ronald McDonald statue found smashed
Burger King questioned

From KITV:
9 pedestrians killed on Oahu this year
Season opens early

From WKMG:
Town holds clothing-optional political debate
Hillary-Rudy face-off leads agenda

From WDIV:
Family, friends bury apartment fire victims
One protested, but was a notorious liar

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