Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Headline News 2007-03-28

From Fox News:
100 Haitians in Rickety Sailboat Reach Florida
GOP calls for fence around Florida

From Fox News:
Study: Most Women Too Nervous to Get Naked
Crotchless panties sales increase

From Fox News:
Burger King to Switch to Cage-Free Eggs, Pork
Okay to eat meat if you have to chase it first

From Fox News:
Bus Driver Denies Preschoolers Free Ride
Edgar Winter, other 70s artists banned from buses

From Fox News:
Is America Ready for a Bald President?
Britney Spears declares candidacy

From Fox News:
Georgia Police Hunt for Missing 911 Dispatcher
Search would be easier if someone would answer when they call 911

From Fox News:
Chilean Airliner Narrowly Misses Flaming Pieces of Falling Satellite
First gay satellite ends mission

From Fox News:
China's Tallest Man Marries Woman Two-Thirds His Height
Says he's nuts over her

From Fox News:
Geologist: Mount St. Helens Now an 'Open System' Volcano
First volcano to operate under Creative Commons License

From ABC News:
A Saudi-US fence around Iran
Hope to stem tide of Mexicans entering country

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