Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Storm Damage

That storm we had last week was rough!

Now, I certainly don't mean to make light of such a thingm, because there was some folks killed in Alabama. Most was kids at a school. Others died, too.

So, no, that aint' funny.

But storms is a way of life in the SOuth. We have them every year. Every month. Some times every week. And some times , it seems, every day.

Heck, we have hurricanes hit. Basil even went to a football game in a hurricane one time. No, really. I anint making that up. Get him to tell you about it some time.

We have hurricanes hit during hurricane season. Lots of wind. Lots of rain. Lots of lightning and thunder.And lots of house trailers overturned.

Like I said, that's life in the South.

But not every strom is a hurricane. We got tornadoes too.

Tornados is a lot like hurricanes. Only hurricanes got names. Used to be womens names, but we nearly ran out of womens names and had to start naming them after men.

I figured they'd start naming them after sissy boys. you know. keeping in line with the girly names. But they didn't. Well, heck, maybe they did. I ain't never seen no hurricane named Bubba or Red or Billy-Bob, so they're using sissy-boy7 names like Fabian, Gustav, David, and the like.

But they do'nt name tornados. Though we might name them after the fact. Like "The Tornado That Tore Up The Johnson Place" or "The Tornado That Knocked Down The Old Piggly Wiggly Store" and such.

But not every storm that htis is a hurricane or a tornado. Some times its just a big wind.

Of course, there's dumbasses that calls it a tornado anyway, simply because it took down a tree or turned over somebody's garbage can. Folks like that get rumors started. And they make it out to be a big deal cause they got wet. They ought to be beat with a stick. Preferably one you find in the front yard after a storm. And if it's got a nail sticking out of it, so much the better.

When a real storm hits, bad things happen. Like what happened down in Enterprise Alabama the other day. That was a storm. A real serious storm.

Anyway, lightning storms hit from time to time. And, sure, they cause problems.

Liek they'll put the lights out. Which is a problem if you got lights. The storm the other day was rough, but I don't know if it put the lights out. You see, I didn't pay the light bill, and dammed if Georgia Power didn't go and cut the electricyty off.

Course, that happend on the day of the storm, so when we didn't have lights three days later, I stopped over at the feed store and used the pay phone. They sent someone out to turn the power back on. I just hope they don't realize why the power was off to start with.

Anyway, about that storm. It was rough. And it had a huge effect on the neighborhood.

How bad? The wind and rain was so bad that 8 cars was washed and 6 yards were cleaned up.

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