Friday, March 9, 2007

Headline News 2007-03-09

From ABC News:
Islamic Leader Farrakhan Backs 'Fresh' Obama
Says he 'looks great since he got his hair cut and moved out of that cave'

From ABC News:
New Evidence in Anna Nicole Death Halts Autopsy
Corpse finds another way to stay in the news

From ABC News:
Georgia Closes in on Bible Classes
Finds most students aren't familiar with Bible, have no class

From ABC News:
Screaming Mob Greets Michael Jackson in Tokyo
Vying to be first to have child molested

From ABC News:
'Lassie' Dies Saving Family From House Fire
Owner laments, "Don't make collies like they used to"

From ABC News:
4 Dead in Hawaii Tour Helicopter Crash
Rick, T.C. injured

From ABC News:
House Dems Want Out of Iraq by Fall '08
Party funds to aid al-Qaeda being drained at alarming rate

From ABC News:
Mo. Man Shares Golf Cart With Bobcat
Loved him in "Police Academy" movies

From ABC News:
Uncooperative Croc Turns Into a Diva
Rosie O'Donnell's rise to fame explained

From ABC News:
S.C. Weighs Time Off for Inmate Organ Donors
Heart donors get sentences communted


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