Thursday, March 29, 2007

Headline News 2007-03-29

From ABC News:
Saudi King Denounces 'Illegitimate' War in Iraq
Bastard decries illigitimacy

From ABC News:
Koala Cubs Unveiled
Islamic bear porn is latest craze

From ABC News:
New JFK Video Moments Before Assassination
Proof Bush pulled trigger

From ABC News:
Police 'Confident' Coach Was Murdered
Craig T. Nelson mourned

From ABC News:
Pakistan Kite Festival Deaths
Congress calls for U.S. pullout from Kite Festival

From ABC News:
Come see the pyramids ... in Bosnia?
Stacks of skulls draw tourists

From ABC News:
Arab Leaders Renew Peace Offer to Israel
Insists Israel rest in peace

From ABC News:
Browse the Web, Hands Free
Now, browsers don't have to put down beer to masturbate

From ABC News:
Report Suggests Mars Microbes Overlooked
Claim "no respect," to star in Back To School II

From ABC News:
Painful Sex Common After Giving Birth
Couples urged to wait until after episiotomy heals

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