Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Headline News 2007-03-20

From CNN:
Leg problem sends Cheney to the hospital
No heart problems since latest virgin sacrifice

From CNN:
'Dancing' judge on Mills: 'More guts than Rambo'
Still only half as many legs

From CNN:
Verducci: Get ready for a Freeway World Series
Next 162 games not needed

From CNN:
Video reveals a forgotten Johnny Carson
No one quite sure who Johnny Carson is

From CNN:
Musharraf forges ahead amid chaos
Risks forgery charges

From CNN:
Millionaire's rocket aborts launch
Roe v Wade's unexpected impact

From CNN:
U.N. deploys to separate rival forces
French peacekeepers threaten to "taunt them a second time"

From KGTV:
Blood bank works to protect against parasite
Jesse Jackson foiled again

From WRTV:
Robbery suspect held after I-65 chase
Likes to be held

From CNN:
Lawmakers threaten to curb FBI's powers
Worked so well for the CIA in the 1970s

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