Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthday shopping

The girl I been stayin' with's mama had her birthday coming up. So she decided to throw a party for her mama.

Now, there's butnches of ways to have a birthday party. And it was like her 65th or 40th or somethign, I forget wich, so we decided to do it up right.

Wheich of course meant we had to run over to the Walmart super center and pick up food and presents.

They had Armor star bologna on sale ... two for one ... so that made deciding on what sandwiches to have real easy. Some Sunbeam bread and Duke's mayonaise and we was set.

Oh, and we decided to cook out, too. So we got a tube of hamburger patties and some hot dogs and sausages. the sausages and hamburgers was for me and my buddies that was coming over to watch tv.

And chips. They had toms chips on sale, too. OH, and that fancy Napoleon ice cream. You know, the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. i mean, it's like the old ladys 5oth birthday or somehting, so we wanted to do it up right, you know.

It all cost a lot by the time we as done getting all the food plus the drinks and all. Good thing I had picked up her mama's credit card off the mantle piece over the fireplace before we left, or I might not had enough to pay for it all.

Oh, this girl i been staying with also wanted to get her mama a plandt or a bush or a shrub or something.

Anyways we went to the garden shop at the Walmart, but they didn't have the plants she wanted. They was Zhuzhus or something. The name made me think of the little snotty kid in that Jimmy Stewart movie where the angel gets his wings.

So, after we picked up the foods and such we headed over to the Lowes.

They had some plants that she said was the right kind. So she sent to get a buggy.

Now, I don't know about the Lowes where you buy your stuff, but the Lowes we as at hid all their buggys. Or had all their emplyees using to put up stock.

I must have seen 45 shopping buggys sitting in the aisles with noboyd arund them. But they was all full of stuff. Like some of those florescent light bulbs. And extension cords. And wall sockets. And all kinds of stuff. Just all sittin' there with no one around.

So I found me one that only had one thing in it and took it. Oh, don't worry, I took the kid in the carrier out and put it on the display next to the wheelbarrows before I took the buggy, so it was okay.

Got back over to where she was lookin at the plants. But they wanted like $21.95 for one of those things. And since her mama's credit card was over the limit by then -- we had gone out to Hooters for lunch -- plus they was too much anyway.

Bottom line is we didn't have enough money to get them. So we went on back to the house and waited until late that night when the barbeque restaurant closed. You see, her mama had got the idea for those zhuzhus because the barbeque restaurant had them planted out front. It was one of those barbecue places that had a picture of a pig with a knife and fork in its hand. You know the type. Real high class.

Anyway, after they closed that night, we piled back into the pickup truck, took a shovel, and went and got her mama some plants for her birthday.

When the birthday came around, everyone had a great time. Least, I heard it was fun.

Me and the buddies was inside the house eating hamburgers and watching a Halle Barry movie.

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