Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Red vs Blue

Before 2000, the mainstream media (MSM) alternated the colors on the electoral maps. In 2000, the Republican states in the electoral maps were colored red while the Democratic states were colored blue. But the Republicans were blue before that while the Democrats were red. And they pretty much alternated each election. Like this map of the 1996 election from Texas A & M. That year, Dole and the GOP were blue while Clinton and the Democrats were Red.
Until 2000.

That's when the whole Red vs Blue thing became part of the terminology. So, in 2004, they continued with the 2000 model. And it seems to be permanent now.

And it bothers me a little.

Because, even though red is a nice color, I've always been partial to blue.

Besides, commies are "Reds." Like Red China. Or in that Warren Beatty movie.

And the Democrats are more like the Communists than the Republicans. And that's not my fault. It's those silly Democrats that keep electing closet Communists.

Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm not a Republican. But it's been a long, long time since I've seen a national Democrat that was worthy of consideration of my vote. Joseph Lieberman was the closest in a long, long time. Or, better, Zell Miller or Sam Nunn. But Zell and Nunn aren't quite as "national" as Lieberman.

So, by default, I've supported Republicans for president. And governor. Well, much of the time for governor, but not all of the time. But certainly for president.

No, I'm not a Republican. I just vote that way. But I damn sure ain't no Democrat. I'm conservative ... and I vote for the conservative, regardless of party. Just seems most are in the GOP. And not in the Taliban Democratic Party.

I don't like being called a Red Stater. But it could be worse. It beats being a Red.

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  1. It is all because the commie pinko libs don't want to be easily identified that way anymore.


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