Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Headline News 2007-03-14

From ABC News:
Removable Tattoos an Attractive Option
Amputations at all-time high

From BBC:
Casablanca blast wounds three
Rick, Ilsa injured

From BBC:
Saving Gabon's orphan gorillas
Angelina Jolie offers to adopt

From BBC:
Autopsy performed on comic Jeni
Plans comeback tour with Andy Kaufman

From BBC:
Pilgrims die of cold in Kashmir
Global warming blamed

From ABC News:
Real-Life Body Snatchers Become Big Business
Kevin McCarthy was right

From BBC:
Cement slabs 'could have killed'
Law to ban cement slabs drafted

From BBC:
Berry is Green mayoral candidate
First Orion native to declare for office

From BBC:
Smokers 'waste 30 mins a day'
Seek more efficient ways to kill themselves

From BBC:
Robo-salamander's evolution clues
Robo-Darwin was right

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