Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Headline News 2007-03-21

From ABC News:
Jolie Leaves Vietnam With Adopted Son
Extends lead over Madonna

From ABC News:
Hundreds Help Bury Former Saddam Deputy
Hell didn't want him

From ABC News:
Slavery still exists in Mauritania
Apologies from Virginia, Georgia sought

From ABC News:
Octogenarian Gets 10 Years for Smuggling
Geritol ring busted

From ABC News:
Station Fires Worker in News Porn Case
Accused of showing his hose

From ABC News:
Utah Teen Claims Top 'Stinkiest Sneaks' Prize
Michael Moore toppled

From ABC News:
Confederate Artwork Stirs Opposition at Florida Museum
Christ in urine, bullwhips in buttocks still okay

From ABC News:
Freed Italian reporter flies home
Issues statement: "Boy, are my arms tired"

From ABC News:
Don King in Front Row for Pope
To represent Pontiff in fight vs Archbishop of Canterbury

From ABC News:
'X-Men' Director and Tom Cruise Hunt Hitler?
Sign up for White House tour

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