Monday, June 25, 2007

Country Music?

While vacationing, we can't ... and certainly won't ... spend all our time on the beach. Sometimes we just lazy around the house watching TV.

At home, I usually ... but don't always ... have the remote.

Here, at the beach house we're staying at, the Wife seems to have the remote.

Which is why the TV ended up on CMT.

Only, the thing is, they had Bon Jovi on. Not the group, but Jon Bon Jovi.

And he was talking about other rockers.

Wait a second.

When did Bon Jovi become country?

I though country was folks like Loretta Lynn, George Jones, and folks like that. Not Jon Bon Jovi.

Am I the only one confused here? Can anyone explain this to me?

Or have I already spent too much time in the sun and have fried my brain?


  1. Country music has all gone to hell. We went from Keith Whitley to Honky Tonk Badonkadonk in 20 years.

    The good news is We Still Have Asleep At The Wheel!!!

  2. [...] shalt not let they hwife control the remote. Especially one shan’t be watching the idiot box while at The Beach, as one should be deep in [...]


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